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    Question Compiling Resources

    I am having quite a lot of trouble adding resources.. like icons and bitmaps to my windows projects. I am using DevCPP & have looking through the 'help' tutorials.. and have seen examples of perhaps how to do it.. it appears that a path must be added to the resource under the, 'library options' tab. I am wondering if anyone else uses devcpp and what to go through when adding resources to ye' windows projects..

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    Include a resource file to your project.
    BMP_ID BITMAP "mybmp.bmp"
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    i keep the icons and bmps in the same directory as the source file. i also have run in to a few problems with limits on resources. Sometimes they can be over come with the resource compiler. i use borland and believe it is the same tourment with resources as devcpp. i have also run in to a limit on the number of dialog boxs that you can have open. also would like to know how to get by the limits. i think it is -lxxx linker options that can be set.

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