Thread: Screen DC vs. Printer DC

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    Screen DC vs. Printer DC

    I have observed (after writing a function to print a stinkin' graphic to a printer) that the printer DC is in quadrant I, however, a screen DC is quadrant I relfected through the X-axis.

    The logic of this escapes me. Can anyone explain why MS did the screen this way and why isn't the printer the same way?

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    Well screen coordinates always have 0,0 in the upper left-hand corner. Screen coordinates follow the path of the electron gun of a CRT monitor, which goes row by row, left to right top to bottom (same way as English text).
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    Why not the printer then? In theory, the printer starts at the top of the page (0, 0) and works its way down row by row too.

    EDIT: Wait, wait. . . I'm all confused. . . the printer and screen have the same coordinates. . . I'm just goofy today.

    EDIT EDIT: No, I'm not confused, well, I am, however, the printer appears to start at (max-y, 0) and goes through (0, max-x).
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