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    ListView ordering


    I have a multicolumn ListView control which I have created directly using the CreateWindowEx function. It has the LVS_REPORT style. I use LVM_INSERTITEM to add items and then LVM_SETITEMTEXT to set the individual columns.

    However, LVM_INSERTITEM always adds new entries at the top of the list. Is there any way to get it to add them at the bottom?
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    Make sure you set the iItem member of the LVITEM struct to the required index.

    See also The Old New Thing: Positioned vs. non-positioned listview views.
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    do something like this:

    int iIndex = 0;
    /* blah blah blah, switch statement case WM_COMMAND */
    case IDM_ADD:
       lvItem.iItem = iIndex;
       /* blah blah blah, send the LVM_INSERTITEM message */
       /* if the item was inserted, increment iIndex by 1 */
       /* return TRUE, break, whatever */
    case IDM_REMOVE:
       /* remove the item */
       /* if the item removed successfully, decrement iIndex by 1 */
       /* return TRUE, break, whatever */
    thats how I do it, its simple, but it does the trick .
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