Thread: Adding a lib with VisualStudio 2003 ?

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    Adding a lib with VisualStudio 2003 ?


    I'm trying to add the following lib:
    to my VS2003 project, I don't understand the instructions:
    B)***Your project wants to link id3lib static, and has mfc linked dynamic or has no MFC:
    1) Rename config.h.win32 to config.h
    2) include libprj/id3lib.dsp and zlib/prj/zlib.dsp to your workspace
    3) make your project dependend on id3lib, and make id3lib dependend on zlib
    4) Add /D ID3LIB_LINKOPTION=1 to your project options (settings, C/C++ tab)
    5) Add the following include dirs to your program:
       /I <path_to_id3lib>\\include /I <path_to_id3lib>\\include\\id3
    6) (add your code which uses id3lib)
    7) Try to compile, and see if you need any of the following:
     (debug) /nodefaultlib:"msvcprtd"         or(release) /nodefaultlib:"msvcprt"
     (debug) /nodefaultlib:"MSVCRTD"          or(release) /nodefaultlib:"MSVCRT"
     (debug) /nodefaultlib:"libcmtd"          or(release) /nodefaultlib:"libcmt"
     different programs may require different 'nodefaultlib' 's, or none at all, these worked for me.
     If none you try work, revert to C)
    Please help, without this lib I can't go on with my project.

    Thank you.
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    That confuses me too... wish I could help, but I can't.

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