Thread: Get RGB values with second way

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    Get RGB values with second way

    Its very important, is possible to get RGB values or Pixels or Grey values from a pic without load it in Picture or Image box and use:
    Image1->Canvas->Pixels[x][y] method?? Is any other way from the above??
    Lets say choose the file and open it with a way and get the values??
    Is possible that?? Any ideas or code??

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    Loading the image and displaying it onto an HDC it the only way I know.

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    Load the image into a buffer. Given it's in RAW RGB form it's quite simple to get the values. If not you will have to decompress it to get the RGB values.

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    You can use GetDIBits to retrieve the bitmap data and evaluate it as described by Bubba.

    There's an example by anonytmouse in this thread that may be of some interest. A further board search on this subject should provide more information/examples.
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