Thread: "Invalid pointer operation" when closing application

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    Question "Invalid pointer operation" when closing application

    Hello. I use Borland C++ 6.0 and I have written an appliaction that gets some web pages' contents and displays some of it (Using FastNet). When I cloase the application (having threee forms) I get an EInvalidPointer exception with message : "Invalid pointer operation" and debugger stops at 397th line in Forms.hpp which stands like this :
    inline __fastcall virtual ~TForm(void) { }
    Could you help me to solve this problem, please? Thank all of you in advance.

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    It's pretty safe to say that the pointer got mangled a long time ago on another line, and this is merely where you get to notice.

    Without the rest of the code, it's pure guess-work.

    I'll guess line 42

    You could try disabling various bits of functionality, but if it works it means 2 things
    - you managed to hide the problem in another way
    - the commented out code is the real cause of the problem.

    Really, you need tools like bounds checker or purify to find random pointer abuse in a large application.
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    Thankee sai. I shall try those tools.

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