Thread: Loading BMP without WM_PAINT?

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    Question Loading BMP without WM_PAINT?

    I am making a BMP loader. I have a question. I already have the "Browse..." button, but how do I LOAD the BMP. I need an example for once I get the name of the selected file. Any help is appreciated!


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    421 will answer this question without anyone having to write it out here.

    search first, read someone else's code and give it a go.. when you have problems... post again.

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    Use LoadImage().

    Tho I'm away from my computer so not totally sure about the arguments being in the right place, in fact it's been several weeks away from the compiler so your going to have to correct the errors with it...

    case WM_CREATE:
    int screenX = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN);
    int screenY = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN);
    HDC dc = GetDC(hwnd);
    HDC hdc = CreateCompatibleDC(dc);
    HBITMAP b = CreateCompatibleBitmap(dc);
    SelectObject(hdc, b);
    PatBlt(hdc, screenX, screenY, PATCOPY);
     HBITMAP bm = (HBITMAP)LoadImage("bmp.bmp", ??, ??, IMAGE_BITMAP, LR_LOADFROMFILE, hThisInstance);
    HDC bmdc = CreateCompatibleDC(dc);
    SelectObject(dc, bmdc);
    PatBlt(bmdc, screenX, screenY, PATCOPY);
    case WM_PAINT:
    hdc = BeginPaint(hwnd, &ps);
    BitBlt(hdc <-- bmdc);  // Obviously not a literal function call...
    EndPaint(hwnd, &ps);
    ...That's the basic idea anyway. Oh and of course don't actually declare the variables in the message loop, I used it for brevity...
    ....good luck!

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    Don't forget to free, with DeleteDC() / ReleaseDC() / DeleteObject() ect, all that mem you are allocating with the Create??() and CreateCompatible??() functions.
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