This is a forum on windows so I guess I can post it here...
I have an app that works in ring0 that I want to debug. I figured I'd use windbg to do the job.
I read about how to set up a virtual machine using VMware, how to configure it for debugging (using a named pipe, just like in the guide).

When I start windbg it just says:
open //./pipe/com_1
waiting to reconnect...
and that's it. It opens pipe since when I connect to another port it just gives an error like *no pipe found*

I tryed simply opening the app and just step trough the code, but when I reach the point where it wants to go kernel-mode it says *debugger can't step in*

I just started to use windbg and don't know how to use it very well (reason for this post )

Thank's in advance for any help.