Thread: Problems with mouse wheel...

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    Problems with mouse wheel...

    I can't get the mouse wheel working in a simple consol application. I've read everthing I've found on the subject but still it's not working.

    In the MSDN library I've found the "WM_MOUSEWHEEL Notification" and there are also a macro that should let you find out if the mouse wheel is scrolled up or down

    zDelta = GET_WHEEL_DELTA_WPARAM(wParam);
    zDelta < 0 if the wheel is scrolled towards the user and >0 if rotaded away from the user. The problem is that the compiler leaves the following error:

    error C2065: 'GET_WHEEL_DELTA_WPARAM' : undeclared identifier

    Why? I've included windows.h (where winuser.h is included).


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    How in the world are you receiving windows message notifications in a console program?

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