Thread: Getting index of chosen item in the combo box

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    Getting index of chosen item in the combo box

    How do you get the index of the chosen item in the combo box...

    if( HIWORD(wParam)==CBN_SELCHANGE)
     int index =  SendMessage( hwnd, CB_GETCURSEL, (WPARAM) wParam, (LPARAM) lParam ); 
    MessageBox(hwnd,	(LPCTSTR) index , (LPCTSTR)  "The Index is",MB_ICONINFORMATION);
    How would you determine the index number of the combo box? i could get the text but not the index.

    And a general question... when you do combo box (set of conditions) how do you do the conditionals (if...else, switch) do you make the condition thru its name or thru its index?


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    Doesn't CB_GETCURSEL work for you?

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    no it doesn't.

    will it should have a return value of the selected index? it only returns nothing in my case...

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdn CB_GETCURSEL
    The return value is the zero-based index of the currently selected item.
    In any event
    MessageBox(hwnd, (LPCTSTR) index,(LPCTSTR)  "The Index is",MB_ICONINFORMATION);
    is rubbish: 'index' is a numeric variable, MessageBox requires strings.

    Either use something like
    TCHAR buffer[16];
    or use a stringstream to convert that number to a string.

    Try not to cast so much and your compiler should give you important information about what's going wrong; you certainly shouldn't need to cast a string to a string as you have done for the third parameter of your MessageBox call.
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    @Ken Fitlike

    Thank you for suggesting that i should convert the number into string.

    Anyway i have solve the problem by using SendDlgItemMessage(...) instead. It seems it needs to know the resource id of the combo box.

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