Thread: Zipping Folder to a .zip

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    Zipping Folder to a .zip


    I am trying to write a backup program what i would like it to do is zip up a folder then copy the .zip to a second hard drive.

    Does anyone know if its at all possible to zip up a folders contense to a .zip from c++? If i cant do that i think i would automate the process of zipping it, e.g open winzip then get my program to fill in nessery data. So if i cant zip up from my prog can someone tell me how i can press a button in another program, i suspect i would need to find the buttons ID then send a command message to winzip or somthing similar.

    Any help will help

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    look up huffman coding.

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    You could also hack your way through by using command line options to minimize and manipulate Winzip.
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    if you fail to understand huffman coding then use Zlib. It is a C libary for compression.
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