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    Simply change the application style theme

    Hello there,
    what is needed to change the controls of a WinAPI application to XP style like Button 1/2 here:

    It would be easy using Visual C++, but I am using DevC++ for win32 applications as Visual C++ creates files 11 times larger than Dev for the same program functions (minimum of 3 times larger).
    Also VC++ creates 10+ files for simple apps and it's file structures of these MFC/win32 apps are way different of mine.

    So I normally use 3 files for all my projects, a .cpp source file for the main code, message loop and callback, a resource header file for declarations of objects and controls (strings, buttons, ..) and a resource script .rc file for properties of the program (window style, menu, controls, ..).

    Functions of the menubar items or controls are being processed in the callback with case WM_COMMAND in my programs other than in VC++ created apps.

    Well, I couldn't find any help on msdn/google after 2 hours of searching. I only got examples using classes and weird code, but I want to know where my program does what and when.. so classes are useless for me.
    So, how can I change the style of my controls to XP or ComCtl32 without classes and crap?

    Maybe I am totally talking ****. Tell me if so
    Thanks for any help.


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    You'll need to use a manifest file.

    MSDN is just wonderful.

    I get much smalle executable sizes with Visual C++ 2005. The project folder size is, yes, a lot bigger. But the executable itself is what matters the most. Visual Studio creates other files (like IntelliSense database file to provide help while programming) to keep settings. Because the settings may be different per project.
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    Thanks! You've pointed me in the right direction.
    But I still can't get it to work.

    I've done version 2 on the page,
    Using ComCtl32 Version 6 in an Application That Uses Extensions, Plugins, or a DLL That is Brought into a Process
    So I included the header file and the define, then created a .manifest file with the data.
    Afterwards I added the manifest to my .rc file with:
    "Winuser.rh" doesn't exist, only Winuser.h and it contains
    #define RT_MANIFEST 24
    but not
    Well, if I compile and link the project (with Dev C++) with and without the missing define no error occurs and everything's fine, but the program won't start afterwards and if I start it from the folder I get an error telling me it can't be started as the application configuration isn't correct.
    ... I didn't do anything wrong I believe.

    And about the filesize... I only have VC++ 6.0 and with removing all optional linking/compiling options I get a minimum filesize of 52 kB. With Dev C++ it's 15 kB with normal options.

    Edit: The CREATEPROCESS_MANIFEST_RESOURCE_ID RT_MANIFEST "app.manifest" command is causing this problem...

    Edit2: Wow thank you very much! I solved the problem - several info in the manifest was needed as I really need to identify my app with the "version", "name" and description tags.
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    Some times I have to include the header commctrl.h and in the begining of winmain add InitCommonControls(); for my app to start. But I'm not an expert in this subject.
    P.S. Sure your manifest is correct ?

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