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    Width of window border

    Trying to get the width of a window border to accurately make a window's client area centered on the screen. Stumbled upon SystemParametersInfo + SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS / SPI_GETBORDER. In both cases, it returns to me that the border is only one pixel. Which I have a hard time believing. I use this code:

    int CenterWindow(HWND hwnd, int width, int height)
        rect scrrect;
        int ret = 0;
        ncm.cbSize = sizeof(NONCLIENTMETRICS);
        ret = ::SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETWORKAREA, 0, &scrrect, 
            return 0;
        point center(scrrect.bx() / 2, / 2);           
        point tl(center.x() - width / 2, center.y() - height / 2);
                              sizeof(NONCLIENTMETRICS), &ncm, 0);
        ret = ::MoveWindow(hwnd, tl.x() - ncm.iBorderWidth, tl.y() - 
                           ncm.iCaptionHeight, width + ncm.iBorderWidth, 
                           height + ncm.iBorderWidth, TRUE);
        return ret;
    I call it with the width and height being the dimensions of the client area that I want. When the function is done, I call GetClientRect, and the bottom and right members of the RECT structure end up being 493 and 567. Is there another way I should be retrieving this sort of info? Is the computer LYING?

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    Why not use the WS_CENTER style?

    Or use the difference between GetWindowRect() and GetClientRect() to find the non client area?

    ScreenToClient() may also help.
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    I am not sure about what you are asking but
    Might help ???

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    Also, have a look at the AdjustWindowRect function.

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