To extend the capabilities of the download manager I wrote, I decided
to add HTML support to it. I did this by using MFC's CHtmlView class.
(This is a download manager I only use for personal use, so I am not
concerned about the restrictions Microsoft has put on the use of its
browser control.)

I created functions of my own that handle all downloads -- which I
prefer to use. So, all I need CHtmlView class to do is display the
webpage. I don't want it to download anything, ever -- for security
reasons that should be obvious to most.

Here is what I have tried so far...

1) parsing the html page before I send it to be displayed by the
CHtmlView class. This prevents the CHtmlView class from downloading
images, active x controls, javascript, etc. 99% of the time, but
every once and a while it tries to download something. So, using
this method is not good enough.

2) I tried overriding certain MFC socket classes I assumed were
used by the CHtmlView class for downloading, but due to my limited
experience with MFC I wasn't able to get the results I was looking

3) Working in off-line mode only. This works until I try to use my
download manager along side Internet Explorer. Then, of course, it
cannot remain in off-line mode for long.

If anyone can think of a way to effectively disable the CHtmlView class
so it will not even attempt to download anything on its own I would
really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.