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    Hey everyone i have been looking into writing windows services and found a few examples around the net, but i found an article i really am interested in looking at the code for but i cannot find it. It seems its been erased from the msdn =(.

    here is the link

    its a very well known article, and i am wondering if anyone has the code or knows where i can download it. Or even better if they have another example (C++ please, i found plenty in C). The parts i am most interested in is seeing how the program can register itself within the program (see the article about the -i and -u command line flags).

    So if anyone has any ideas where i can get the code, or is willing to email it to me, or if you know where newer/better code is please let me know =).

    Thanks everyone.

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    You may want to consider a book on the subject... Professional NT Services

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