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    finding offsets

    how can this writen to send back the offset of where this function is sending the commands? a little help please?
    inline void Console(char *cgCmd) 
    	HWND MohCons = FindWindow(0, "Console");
    	EnumChildWindows(MohCons, EnumChildSendCommandProc,
    BOOL CALLBACK EnumChildSendCommandProc(HWND hwnd,LPARAM lParam) 
    	char className[1024]; 
    	if (strcmp("Edit",className)) return true;  
    	if (ES_READONLY & GetWindowLong(hwnd,GWL_STYLE)) return true; 
    	return 1; 
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    Figure out how to use code tags.
    I've done it for you (this one time), so edit your post again to see how it's done.
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    You may want case insensitive string comparison. Your question is a little confusing. What offset? What function? What commands? Do you mean where the cursor is in the edit control?

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