Thread: Painting on the entire display...

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    Painting on the entire display...

    Hi all--

    The basic quesiton I have is that I want to paint in fullscreen mode using GDI+.

    I can obtain a handle to the entire display using:

    I can even paint on it by getting a graphics object
    Graphics* g = new Graphics(hdc);
    and using g->DrawString(...) etc.

    If i use the graphics clear() function I can wipe the whole screen to a solid color...but here's the problem:
    each time I move the mouse over an area not in my client area, it repaints Windows/Other Programs/ the start menu/ etc underneath.

    How can I trap the WM_PAINT message that's going beyond my window alone? Is there such a way?
    or alternatively is there a way to make my client area equal to the entire screen?

    Thanks for the help!

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