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    Dialog box error

    Here is the error.
    Error 3DGameEditor.RC 226 5: Expecting window rectangle (4 signed integers)
    Here is the 226 line of the program RC file.
        EDITTEXT        IDC_3DArrayMatrix,140,265,40,14, ES_AUTOVSCROLL | ES_MULTILINE | ES_WANTRETURN
    The numbers 140,265,40,14" are not unlike any that I have used for the same thing. All I did was add a new dialog box. Tried to compile it to see if the numbers overlap or interfere with the other buttons or with the other text or with the other things on the dialog box.

    I am not sure why I got this error. This is the first time I have gotten this error. The line looks ok. I checked the program file everything looks ok but I might have missed something.

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    i found the error and fixed it. odd compile error message though.

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    What was the problem? I tried copying what you said and the resource compiler spat back that I didn't have a BEGIN clause, and then when I tried copying the example off MSDN, it said that it couldn't find these various files, which the resource compiler had construed to be actually other controls below what I had tried for the EDITTEXT.

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    After four and a half hours of going line by line to find the problem I determined that there were several problems.
    1. The first problem was that the resource compiler out put the wrong line number were the actual problem was.
    2. The second problem was a vague error message that did not lead to the immediate recognition of what the problem was.
    3. The third problem was item on the dialog box were overlapped which is why I was compiling the program. Sometimes when working with borland free line command tools manually editing the .rc file you can not always tell where or how things will be or look. They borland should have included the visual resource editor. That would make things much faster. Although I do enjoy working on the .rc files an error can be distracting to the project.
    4. The fourth problem was after 20 minutes of playing with the .rc file I decided to post the error message to see if anyone would immediately recognize the error and after four and a half hours and 35 reads no one did. I did not expect anyone to because it was such an odd error and rare.
    So to answer your question I made a typo that lead to a dialog box larger than what the os could handle.

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