Thread: Performing actions with message loop

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    Performing actions with message loop

    LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc ( ...
        case WM_KEYDOWN:
            switch (wParam)
    	        case VK_ESCAPE:
    	        	return 0;
    		case VK_NUMPAD1:
    			AwesomeVar++; // <-- This is what I need help with *
            return 0;
    "AwesomeVar" is sitting within - int WINAPI WinMain ( ...

    Could someone explain how exactly I would go about making the above hypothetical situation work?

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    Make a variable global, then you can share it between functions.
    But what I prefer doing is making either a struct or Class that has public variables in it that i use regularly, and then just pass around a pointer to that struct/class. Its much cleaner then using global variables.
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