Thread: Converting a text box value into a character array?

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    Red face Converting a text box value into a character array?

    I'm using a .NET Forms Application, and I have a text box that I want to copy the value of to an array of char's. I'll be the first to admit, I'm quite inexperienced with .NET, and honestly, C/C++ in general.

    Maybe I'm just lazy, but I can't figure it out.

    My character array is char sVModel[64], in struct SGlockInfo sglock_info.
    My text box is this->ModelNameViewPistol.

    I've done it one way:
    I'm sure that's kinda sleazy, but...

    The trouble is, I can't seem to do it the other way around. Am I just missing something? I suppose I should wait until tomorrow to be working on a non-negative amount of sleep, but when I come across a problem, my mind refuses to let it rest.

    Please, someone point out whatever it is that my mind refuses to comprehend.

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    To create a System::String from a char array you can probably do:
    System::String^ str = gcnew System::String(chArray);
    The other way around (System::String to char array) is probably more difficult, especially since (as far as I know) System::String is only unicode

    This thread might be able to help you.
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    Is there a reason why you are mixing char arrays and strings?

    Why not just use strings?

    or try....

    char szBuffer[256]={0};
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    The reason I'm mixing these things is because the program that I need the text for requires the char array.

    I guess I forgot to mention this, but this->ModelNameViewPistol is 'System::Windows::Forms::TextBox', thus GetWindowText is not a member of it.

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