Thread: My first program trouble

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    My first program trouble

    I'm using Dev-C++ and am using C. I just started pretty much, but I keep having this problem. Basically I am making the "Hello World" program, and this is the code I use

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        printf("Hello World\n");
        return 0;
    I then compile it (i think the linking is automatic), save it in my local documents, but then when I open it, it looks like a dos window that opens and closes really quickly. I save it as Hello.c

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    When I run my console application, the black window flashes a bit then closes automatically. How can I see the output of my program?

    Your program does exactly what you tell it to do, and you didn't ask it to wait before closing. You can add a command to wait for keyboard input before the program exits (e.g. before the return from main). A very simple example is system("pause"); which executes the "pause" system command (portability note: this only works in Windows and DOS); you need to #include <cstdlib> (or #include <stdlib.h> for C programs) if the compiler complains about the system function. Or you can use an instruction that reads something from the keyboard (e.g. cin.get();, getchar(); or cin>>variable;). In that case you may need to clear the input buffer before reading, e.g. cin.sync(); before cin.get();. Another option is to run your program from the command prompt; this is especially useful if you don't want it to wait before closing, or if it crashes before it reaches the keyboard-reading instruction.
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    That's good. Well then, I really must've made no mistakes then, because I just followed the instructions in the Dev-C++ tutorial. Even though I can barely see it, I made a program. cool. I also saw the same exact thing in things I tried to enter on my laptop, so I guess the coder did the same thing.

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