Thread: load a second form from a button? vc++

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    load a second form from a button? vc++

    Seems like an easy enough question... so easy in fact that 90% of what I have looked up about dialogs/forms/buttons glosses right over it. I'm hoping this isnt one of those questions that seem ridiculously simple but are way overly complicated. All I want to do is on a ButtonClick event from Form1, load Form2.

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    Ok, I got it by doing this:

    private: System::Void bEdit_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) {
    			 properties_form ^pf = gcnew properties_form;
    but can anyone tell me why in all the examples I find they use * instead of ^? I know in regular C++ what * signifies but th VC++ compiler always wants me to replace it with ^.

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    the '^' is C++/CLI syntax for a managed reference/pointer. It gives you a clear distinction between memory that you have to free and memory that the garbage collector will free. That's why you need gcnew as well. It makes things more clear for programming in the managed + unmanaged C++/CLI world.
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