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    Motherboard Temperature


    i didnt know wether i should put this is C++ forum or C been seens C is lower i sort of guessed i sould put it here. ( please do correct me if i'm wrong )


    I'v spent all of this moning looking for a way to get the CPU Temperature or well any sort of Temperature from my computer becuse i wish to make a sort of networked Temperature monitering program so i can see all of the Temperatures for my pc's and laptops. i'v seens lots of hardware monitoring programs that can do it also m MSI tools can do it. but nothing i can find is open source and i'v even looked around on the intel site to see if they had any code or well anything at all that would put me in the right directon but i failed to find anything. so does anyone know of a way to do this?
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    It's actually an OS specific question, so it should be on the windows board (moved).

    Seems the acronym is WMI, not MSI
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