I start a application (powerpoint.exe) through ShellExecute() or ShellExecuteEx(). The command i send is "print".
So far, powerpoint starts, loads the file and
then ask to confirm the print-dialog.
The definition of the structure:

HWND appwin=NULL; //popup-handleSHELLEXECUTEINFO sei = {sizeof(sei), SEE_MASK_FLAG_DDEWAIT, appwin, "print", conf_filename, param, aktuell_dirname, SW_SHOWNORMAL, res};

After executing shellexecute:
The handle (appwin) is always NULL.
Now the question:
How could i send the popup-dialog in powerpoint te message to continue (emulate the pressing of OK)?
And: After calling ShellExecute, the programm doesn't wait until the application ends its job. The handling of the popwindow should start as the popup exists!!! I must wait until the printing is done. How caon I do that???

Thank you for help.
email: dg7ro@darc.de
Torsten Fechner