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    Tray Icons


    i'm trying to find out how to create and tray icon ( without menu's ) i have looked about the board and havnt found anything thats been able to help. basicl;y i wondering if anyone has an example i could take a look at please not i have also looked up NOTIFYICONDATA on msdn and read everything about it. i do know that you guy don't like people asking for stuff you perfer to give out links to teach people, but in this case i feel as i need somthig to look at that isnt to addvanced and doesnt use classes.

    Thanks Alot

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    You haven't looked too hard - search this forum for "tray". Did you Google for help?

    Ok, you've read NOTIFYICONDATA - then read the related stuff. What fuctions take a NOTIFYICONDATA structure? Shell_NotifyIcon().
    Quote Originally Posted by TFM
    Sends a message to the system to add, modify, or delete an icon from the taskbar status area.


    DWORD dwMessage, // message identifier
    PNOTIFYICONDATA pnid // pointer to structure
    Doesn't get easier. Two parameters. The first is one of NIM_ADD, NIM_DELETE, or NIM_MODIFY. The other is a NOTIFYICONDATA structure.
    Fill out a NOTIFYICONDATA structure, pass it and NIM_ADD to Shell_NotifyIcon(), and bam! Systray icon. When your program closes, do the same, except with NIM_DELETE.

    Take a stab at it, the worst is that your program gives an error at compile or run time. If it doesn't work, try to find the error, if you can't, post back. People are much more willing to help if you have something to work with. Here's something to start with:
    void MySysTray(HWND hwnd, DWORD action)
      NOTIFYICONDATA nid = {0};
      nid.cbSize = sizeof(NOTIFYICONDATA);
      nid.hWnd = hwnd;
      nid.uID = 1;
      nid.uFlags = NIF_ICON;
      nid.hIcon = LoadIcon(NULL, IDI_APPLICATION);
      Shell_NotifyIcon(action, &nid);
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    OK thank you, at lest i have a start now i'll post back if i have any problems with the code when i'm trying to finsh it.

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