Thread: Locking Windows Firewall

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    Locking Windows Firewall

    This is more of a current problem than a programming need, but I figured programmers would know the answer. A friend of mine was making a keylogger, and I gave him the go-ahed to let him test it on my comp. Pretty dumb, but he also made it so that the Windows Firewall Off and On options are greyed out and I cannot select either of them. How could I change this? Thanks.

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    Well if your friend won't tell you, then I suggest
    a) getting better friends who you can trust
    b) be less trusting of people who ask you to test stuff

    Oh, and just so you know - discussion of how to hack and key loggers is not allowed on this board.
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    serves you right dumbass why would you let some1 test a keylogger on your computer

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    I guess Salem's advice was - ask your friend.

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    I know a great way to fix the problem:
    Install a real firewall like Zone alarm or norton, they work much better than windows. It sounds really strange that a program can disable the windows firewall and make that button grey, that don't sound very secure.

    If you really want to use windows firewall: do what maxorator said.

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