Thread: Registry entry from AIM help!

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    Question Registry entry from AIM help!

    Ok. I was messing around with my registry when I found something. I had an idea for an AOL IM password retriever so that if you lost a password you can check the registry from my program. The only thing is, is that the password vale has weird characters such as: and regular letters. How do I get the regular password?


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    LMAO! dude, you want us to tell you how to crack AIM's encryption software??!! Dude, you're insane. First off, just aobut everyone who does a password encryption program does one-way encryption. That means that there may not even BE a way to decrypt it. What happens is that when you type in your password, AIM encrypts what you typed, and checks it against the other saved encrypted file.

    In other words, you really can't. Why did you think that password crackers basically just take a dictionary's worth of words, encrypt them, and check them agains the saved password?

    and anyhow, I think that unless you click to save your password on the computer, your password is stored on a network computer somewhere and not the computer you're on. If you want to see the saved password (if you checked to save it) use snadboy's revelation.

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    Actually AIM passwords could be recovered. My roommate had a VB prog to do, search the web.
    KEN, i don't think they would encrypt it one way. They just encrypt it so some joe shmoe can't go in and see a plain text password. Then at run time aim decrypts the password and sends it to the server.

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    Well color me corrected...

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