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    I am just beggining to learn how to program in the win32 format of C++. I want to put a menu in my program. I have it in the rescourse file, under number 25, but I get errors when I try to compile the program. how do I do it. Also, I would like to learn how to make a window handle HTML. How would I do it. Please help,
    Josh Pyles

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    What errors are you getting? You may also have to post some code.

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    Take the easy way and use an SDI document with HTML document view, and delete the toolbar that comes with the package and import your toolbar then rename it IDR_MAINFRAME, viola!
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    I figured out the menu part, but I still dont know how to mak eit handle HTML like IE does. Here is basicly what I need it to look like:
    User opens program, then it connects to the webserver, and opens our webpage, then user can click login as admin, or user, and it will run the forum, like a program. So I need it to be able to read html, and point it to a certain address. Can it be done? Of course! microsoft did it! So, please help me. I have got the window created, etc... After the html part, I will need to learn how to link a menu option to a dialog box.

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