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    Post windows programming

    hi. all iwant know how is the programming new computer.

    after i complete C laguage programming. and have some basics
    of windows programming.

    i would like to know when computer is new what is in?
    dos or something else.
    and what shoul i do for programing new computer.
    or what should i have.

    and thanks all

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    ...What did that mean ??

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    I'm guessing you're from India so I understand the bad English, but maybe have an American friend translate what you want into readable English?? Perhaps, just suggesting..
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    most likely rasheed is using school computer with internet access.

    1 determine what it is you want to do.
    2 determine best programming language for that what you want to do.
    3 purchase programming language package.
    4 start with documentation of programming language package
    5 get books on subject. like games webpages or what else.

    what comes with your new computer depends on what kind of computer you get. also how much you can aford. luck

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