Thread: .rc files not supported by VC++2005Express

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    .rc files not supported by VC++2005Express

    I try to add a .rc file to my project but there is a message telling me that resource editing is not supported on the Visual C++ Express SKU . Besides , i can't paste the code that the tutorial ( advises to use , for the .rc file does not open .
    Do you know how to deal with this problem . I have searched on the forum about this topic , but they often used Dev_C++ and I use VisualC++2005 Express edition .
    Thanks .

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    I dunno. Assuming that that message makes sense, you should be able to add it to your project but not edit it. Of course, if it doesn't mean what it says (as is the fashion at Microsoft ) then you're screwed.

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    GUI resource editing is not supported by msvc-express but you should be able to edit the resource script (*.rc) from within the ide. The syntax in those dev-cpp examples you have found are likely to be directly applicable - if you have specific problems then post them. If you have a problem relating to 'afxres.h' all you need do is add the /include/mfc (from your psdk installation) directory to the msvc-express directory search directories in the same way you did for the psdk.
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