Thread: possible to link and run with .lib file without .dll file?

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    possible to link and run with .lib file without .dll file?

    Hello everyone,

    I usually link with .lib file and when program executes, it will look for .dll file to load real function implementations.

    I heard that it is possible to link with .lib file and the program can run without .dll file (.dll file needs not be generated and not needed at all during program execution). Is that correct? If it is, could anyone introduce some online tutorials about this topic?

    thanks in advance,

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    Look up static and dynamic linking.


    A static library (or DLL) is 'built' into the app (by the complier) when you create the exe. there is no need for the target computer to have a copy of the library (DLL). This makes the exe bigger.

    A dynamic link means that the DLL (or library) is opened when the app runs. The DLL must be on the target PC or the app will fail.

    An app can also call a DLL with LoadLibrary(), GetProcAddress() ect and use the functions within. The DLL can then be 'dropped' when it is no longer required. Dynamic linking allows you to modify code without rebuilding your exe.
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