Thread: Changing Bitmaps ONBUTTON

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    Changing Bitmaps ONBUTTON

    Its a
    AppWizard (exe.)
    Dialog based program

    so...using visual c++

    -I have a bitmap and a button on my main dialog

    -When you click the button the first bitmap should change into a second bitmap which was being held in our ResourceView.

    -This should work with the second picture appearing in the same x/y position as the first picture.

    Is this possible? If so, what's the code for it?

    I'm sort of a newbie so try and make it easy to understand for me.
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    bit too much to answer in one post....

    Break it down into smaller pieces, which bits do you have done / need help with?

    Load Image/s
    Draw Image to screen
    Change Image on user input
    Clean up on close
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