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    Windows Gui Question

    I was wondering is there a better Windows gui library that is just like WinAPI but better overall. Meaning Native coding and doesnt' require a certain feature to be installed cause WinAPI is mainly for C and was wondering is thwere one made for C++ besides the .NET frames and MFC?

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    You could try GTK+: But I think MFC is pretty good.

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    1. MFC = Spaghetti code. It's the worst thing ever.
    2. You can very well use GDI (what you call WinAPI) in C++.

    Here's a small example:
    class IControl {
            IControl() : Caption(0) { }
            virtual HWND CreateControl(POINT, UINT, UINT) = 0;
            void SetPosition(POINT);
            void SetPosition(UINT, UINT);
            void SetSize(RECT);
            void SetCaption(LPSTR);
            HWND WndSelf;
            POINT Position;
            RECT ClientRect;
            LPSTR Caption;
    class EditControl : public Control {
            EditControl() { }
            virtual HWND CreateControl(POINT, UINT, UINT);
    // ....
    std::list<IControl*> Controls;
    Controls.push_back(new EditControl);
    Controls.push_back(new ButtonControl);
    IControl* ptr = 0;
    std::list<IControl*>::iterator iter;
    for(iter = Controls.begin(); iter != Controls.end(); iter++) {
        (*iter)->CreateControl( /*... */ );
        if((ptr = dynamic_cast<EditControl*>(*iter)) != NULL) {
            // We have an edit control here
        } else if((ptr = dynamic_cast<ButtonControl*>(*iter)) != NULL) {
            // We have a button control here
    Is this C++ enough for you ?

    OOP, Inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic_cast, STL containers...
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    what is that???? :S :S :S

    yeah i heard MFC is bad, why is that?

    Also, i use just a class like the one at

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    You may want to have a look at Qt or wxWidgets .

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    You can't please everyone. I used to hate it. But once I got down the concept of messages (which is almost transparent in MFC) and understand how to use control variables, I thought MFC was great. If I were developing a major app, I'd probably choose MFC over C#.

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    You might also want to check out Ultimate++.

    Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, etc..), and an integrated development environment.
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    Nothing (too much) wrong with MFC. Is much faster than WIN32 and if you know how to use both it allows for much faster development.


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