Thread: Seeking kickass Window tutorials on the net

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    Seeking kickass Window tutorials on the net

    Hey, yo yo!

    Link me up with the best windows programming tuts on the net! One for begginers in 'C' in general, I only know basic stuff in C, but I'd like to do Win32 API's. Also I want the tut to teach in Plane vanilla C language not silly C++ or other object orientated languages.

    I also want it to work for microsoft visual xpress 2005.

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    I recommend searching the boards first as this question has been asked and answered many times in the past.

    It is often advised that you are comfortable with a language before specialising in an api so if you only 'know basic stuff in c' you should consider gaining more familiarity with that language first.

    That said, this is popular:

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    Ok, ty that looks good.

    I wasn't actually going to start with windows API immeditatly, I am currently working on a console project lol.
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