Thread: Using Visual C++ 2005 w/o touching C++/CLI

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    Using Visual C++ 2005 w/o touching C++/CLI

    Is there a way to use .NET 2005 compiler without messing around with the C++/CLI C#, Java-ized bastard classes?

    If not I will most likely dump 2005 in favor of pure ISO-conformant, not ECMA or MS conformant, C++.

    C++/CLI has nothing to do with C/C++ and as such I cannot fathom why MS is 'adding' their crap to a language and calling the result C++.

    The help files and everything about 2005 tout C++/CLI even in the C++ sections. Whatever happened to standardized C++?

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    To start with(probably best to use /D switch on a per project basis):
    #define _SECURE_SCL 0
    #define _SECURE_SCL_THROWS 0
    as described here:

    There's possibly others but I've not found them yet; I was hoping there might be a 'master switch' for the ide to turn off c++/cli stuff by default but I've been unsuccessful thus far in finding one.

    If you get any more silly 'deprecated' warnings or error messages then msdn may turn up further preprocessor definitions.

    And, as I've posted elsewhere regarding 'c':

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitlike
    This page describes how to restore standard c (c89) behaviour:

    In short: #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE (use /D switch).
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