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    Bluetooth Audio Stream

    Hey everyone, i just need some advice here. After 3 hours on google I have declared myself a failure becuase i am unable to find what it is i am looking for. So i am hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

    I am looking for a way to simply send audio (i know some people define streaming audio as in you recieve it as it comes without having to download the entire stream.) streaming to a bluetooth headset.

    I.e. I have a piece of sound data on my pc, and it can send it to the bluetooth headset. (Think MP3 from pc to headset)

    However, I do currently know that windows supports a method like this by turning the bluetooth device into the reciving audio device by changing the sound card to the device. This is not exactly what i want, i would like to be able to develop my own app that will do all the communicating to the device with as little interaction from the hardware (other than the bluetooth dongle/card/etc..) Sadly i can find precious little on how the data is actually sent from this sound card change to the actual device, and in what format etc...

    I have found some info on A2DP but nothing so much as an example of what it can do (on windows).

    So I kindly request for any help in finding a way to send sound data directly to a headset.

    Any input is appriciated.

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    This old post on bluetooth may still be relevant. I think the problem is that Windows doesn't provide an API for any of the high-level bluetooth protocols. You might have a look at the Also project. However, I suspect that if the headset installs a sound device, then by far the easiest solution is to output on that sound device.

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    I appricate the response i will look into both of those and see if i can find somthing.

    As for the sound device, the problem with that approach is the way in which i wish to apply the technology. I want ot be able to ahve a series of headsets connected to a central server, and then as one person speaks it can be broadcast to all the connected devices...

    Thanks again.

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