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    I am making a program. How do I make a drop-down box that lists the files on e:\(or d:\) drives? And how do I tell what the user selects?

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    With the WIN32 API (VISUAL C no++) using MS DevStudio

    In Dropdown style combobox
    Process WM_COMMAND messages using a switch to the combobox ID
    case COMBOBOX:
    will tell you if the user has clicked a new item

    A treeview would be better than a dropdown list for a list of ALL files.

    Process WM_NOTIFY messages in the CALLBACK looking for TVN_SELCHANGED messages for the treeview ID
    case TREEVIEW:
    NMTree = (NM_TREEVIEW FAR *) lParam;

    I think there is a special FLAG to set if you want the treeview to list all files on a drive but I can't find it.

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