Thread: Output to file: "1200,1300,1220,1220,"... ect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonytmouse
    		/*   Convert 16 bit signed samples to unsigned. */
    		pSample->left  = (SHORT) pSample->left  + 32768;
    		pSample->right = (SHORT) pSample->right + 32768;
    	return ret;
    This is probably a stupid question but how come the samples have to converted to signed integers, and when i tried running the program and excluding that part of the code, the samples still appear to be unsigned in the output?

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    The type is unsigned so when you inspect the values, they will be unsigned, even without the conversion. However, without the conversion, they will have the wrong values. For example the signed value -1, when treated as an unsigned number will have the value 65535 (USHRT_MAX). The correct converted value however is 32767.

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