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    how can i edit equation 3.0 object in MS Word by macro or c++ (i mean generat not just object but also content)
    (something like MathType convert equation object to MathType objectby macro)

    is possible to do i t by eq field but it has wrong format which can be convert to equation by double click but this solution is not automatic...

    thanx for any advice

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    i post this in another forum and they can't understend me so i write much more about...

    ok what i'm trying to do is make a program which output is a MS Word document. In this doc will be some text pictures and euations. All equation shoud be as MS Equation 3.0 object. All equation should content a formula, nubers and enumeration. This should be done by program itself without user touch. And problem is that equation is an OLE object which has no parameters on create. So I need statement something like this:

    'eq' defined like equation object
    then for example x=a/b=1/4=0,25
    eq='x=/f(a,b)=/f(1,4)=0.25' which in document will be formated in math form
    this is not a realy source but if tou use VBA macro in word i can do something like that by equation FIELD but it's format is is useless (subbscript and superscript is same size as main text integral sign is to little etc.)
    eqution field can be converted to MS Equation 3.0 object by double click on it but this need user activity...
    I can't write this problem better(sorry for my bad english). I wrote also to Microsoft but they are useless...

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