Thread: Passing data from App to Doc

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    Question Passing data from App to Doc

    I read file and parse it in App class. After that I need to pass parsing data into bunch of Doc/View's. I found one solution: create temporary (parsed) file in App and read it in each Doc.
    But I feel that possible better solution whithout creating temp. file.
    Any idea how to do it?

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    parse file in app

    Why would you want a file to be passed to a bunch of docs?
    Of course you know the relationship between the Doc and the views I assume. One doc can be related to many views but the views can only be related to exactly one doc. If you truly need all the different docs to access to this parsed file, I am afraid you have the best solution.

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    The problem that I don't know initially how many pairs doc/view I need.
    I have following code. I thought I could pass data through CCommandLineInfo (ProcessShellCommand(cmdInfo)) and catch it in constructor of each Doc.

    void CParseApp::OnFileOpen()
    CFileDialog fileDlg(TRUE,
    "All Files (*.*)|*.*||",
    if(IDOK == fileDlg.DoModal())
    CFileBreaker fb((LPCTSTR)fileDlg.GetPathName());
    vector<DString> vLines = fb.BreakOn("\n");
    int childs = vLines.size();
    CParser parser(vLines);
    vector<DString> vNames = parser.GetNames();
    vector<vector<int> > vvScores = parser.ParseScores();


    ofstream file("Results.bul");
    vector<vector<int> >::iterator vvIter = Data.begin();
    file << static_cast<int>(m_bBorder) << '\n';
    for(int i = 0; vvIter != vvData.end(); vvIter++, i++)
    file << vNames[i] << ' ';
    for(int k = 0; k < (*vvIter).size(); k++)
    file << (*vvIter)[k] << ' ';
    file << '\n';
    CCommandLineInfo cmdInfo;
    for(int j = 0; j < childs; j++)
    if (!ProcessShellCommand(cmdInfo))
    ::AfxMessageBox("Fail to create child frame.\nApplication is closing.");

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