Thread: I need a program to access a program..

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    I need a program to access a program..

    A friend of mine prompted me with this idea and I like challenges so I'd like to try it. I'd like to make a program that would allow the user to execute something, whether i could add items to the AOL Instant Messenger menu or have a shortcut on the desktop, and when executed the program would randomly choose a file that has some stored text in it from a certain directory and make that text the persons away message. i can do all of the file i/o and GUI stuff, the thing i need help with is how i would add an item to the AIM menu and/or how i'd get the text from the file to the away message window. i could simulate mouse clicks on the AIM window, but then i'd need to get the window handle which i do not know how to do as it is not a child process of my program. what i'd like to do, is add an item to a menu such as "put me away" or something to that effect and then have that menu item randomly choose the file/text to be used, open up the "edit away message" window (not necessarily showing it because thats not needed), and then copying the text over to the window (which i have an idea of how to do, but again theres the problem of getting the windows handle) and setting the person as being away.

    i'm not sure how entirely legal that is? but AIM is free software (not free as in open source, but free as in no one pays anything to download/use it except for their internet bill) but i'm also not mass distributing this program. i'd just like to give it to my friend to use and maybe use it myself.
    so...what can ya tell me, doc? lol appears as thought this page does something similar to what i want by intercepting the mouse clicks. is this what i need?
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