Thread: passing parms to an inet page

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    passing parms to an inet page

    I've searched the forums and I've googled but I can't find what I want...or I'm too dumb to know what to look for. The later is always a possibility.

    I need my c++ program to call a url which includes parameters. Then, I need to parse the returned html to ensure the php logic returns a valid value based on the parms. I don't need to see the page with my eyes, just have it all programmatically.

    I've done this a bunch of times in vb 6.0.

    I'm trying to port the vb program to c++. Most everything is simple as it's just re-writing code. However, the url part is confusing me. In c++ do I embed IE into the program and call form that or can I just do it all programmatically.

    Is InternetOpenURL one of the objects I need to use? I read something about InternetOpen then InternetopenURL then closing the inet connection. But I don't need a connection if I have an existing inet connection, right?

    Anyway, if anyone has words of advice or a good online tutorial, I'm all ears...I mean eyes.

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    Haven't used VB but if you want to retrieve a page using sockets, say then you'd first have to get the IP-adress for and connect to it through it's HTTP-port and then send the command for retrieving the page which is something like "GET /dir/index.htm HTTP/1.1" and then you just read what's being sent to you.

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