I am trying to use a combo box in my dialog. I created the combo box using the tool provideded by ms vs 2005. I added a variable connected to the combo box and ms vs automatically added this to my code:

CComboBox numNode; // in the .h file
DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_NUMNODE, numNode); // in the .cpp file
So far it looks alright. If I understand this correctly, the ddx control basically connects the numNode object to the UID IDC_NUMNODE.

Now I tried to add items to the combo box in my initDialog() function as follows:

BOOL filterFileCreator::OnInitDialog()

	std::string nodeString = "";
	int number = 0;

	for(int i=1;i<max_node+1;i++) {
	  //CDialog::SendDlgItemMessageA(IDC_NUMNODE,CB_ADDSTRING,0,(LPARAM) (LPCSTR) nodeString.c_str());
                  numNode.SetItemData(i, i);
Now if I do it using sendDlgItemMessage, it works and the combo box display the numbers but when i try setItemData, nothing is displayed. I would like to use the object associated with the combo box to do all my transaction. Any clues as to why. Thanks in advance