I am working on something called 'LiNi' (Feal free to suggest new names ), anywayz its a interpreted language, mostly targeted towards program portabuility and web design, it is goign to be basically a C++ interpreter. It will have a full Virtual Machine, and will run on more than 1 platform (dah). I am currently writing the Mutli-Threaded Virtual Memory Engine (Thats a mouthfull), and would love some people to make a 'team' for this. Its a lot of work for just me, so if anyone is interested just reply or IM me:

MSN/Email: minime6696@hotmail.com

I also have a few other projects if anyone wants to inquire (An RTS Engine, and an API, both peices of this big puzzle that makes software developement easyer)

Thans for any support, SPH