Thread: Best Language for GUIs?

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    Best Language for GUIs?

    What's the best language for doing GUIs? VB? Java? Is it practical to do GUIs in C++?

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    Define what you mean by "doing GUIs". if you mean writing a GUI application (in Windows), then VB is by far the easiest way to go. While the language itself doesn't (or didn't 8 years ago) offer the features that I need, you can line up all your pretty controls in a window in a couple of minutes.

    If you meant writing a GUI itself, then C++ is probably the way to go.

    I wouldn't say making GUI apps in C++ is impossible, it just requires a fair old bit of practice. You can use dialog resources in a way similar to VB, that is, visually place controls, but your ability to modify the properties of each control is much more limited and has to be done programatically (in code).

    Me, I create the windows and controls on the fly and get them looking the way I want them to using trial and error. These days I can do it almost as fast as I used to in VB.

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    I meant making GUIs for Windows. My C++ book makes no mention fo them.

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    yeah you gotta use the Win32 API to use GUI apps in Windows. its not in the C++ language itself implemented as it is a cross-platform language.
    the WinMain() function is the basis for creating windows for windows.
    have a look here

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    Give that a brief look.
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