I have transparent background in my application and fonts are
scattered quite badly against dark desktop backgrounds.

I have set TransparencyKey same as my form background and
fonts seems to use same background color as well, which is not
transparent, so the fonts looks like hell...

I replaced my background color near font color but it didn't look good at all.

Here's how i draw my component...

	BufferedGraphicsContext ^context = BufferedGraphicsManager::Current;
	BufferedGraphics ^buffer = context->Allocate (this->CreateGraphics (), this->DisplayRectangle);
	buffer->Graphics->FillRectangle (static_cast<Brush ^>(gcnew SolidBrush (this->BackColor)), this->DisplayRectangle);
	buffer->Graphics->TextRenderingHint = System::Drawing::Text::TextRenderingHint::ClearTypeGridFit;
	writer->write (buffer, 7, 6, 30, 15); // Component drawing procedure

	buffer->Render ();

Text is written to the buffer using Graphics::DrawString (...)

Here's small screenshot as an attachment.

Anyone have solutions for this ?