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    Hi All,

    Hope you're having a cool Xmas.
    Can anyone tell me how to get VC++ to let me use the GetSystemMetrics function? I can find it in help, and apparently can include the appropriate header file, but do I have to do something with the libraries? And how? I've never mucked about in this area before.

    Cheers, and Happy new Year!


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    I'm not at home now so I cannot bring up my SDK help. I'm fairly sure that you must specify which system metric you want via a pre-defined mneumonic.

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    Its In Lib: User32.lib
    And is in Winuser.h (windows.h)

    So really i should think the problem your having is with the systax of the function as the above lib and header should already be included.

    Heres an example of how its used:

    //the SM_CXSCREEN Param gets the x length of the screen
    int cx = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN);

    Hope the helps

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