Thread: Mouse Position: High Precision

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    Mouse Position: High Precision

    Is there any way of ascertaining the mouse's position with a precision of more than a single pixel? Some sort of mouse hardware register?
    MSVC++ 6.0

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    If you want really accurate information about the mouse I'd suggest looking in to some DirectX code for directly accessing your mouse's hardware.

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    I don't think you can get more exact than one pixel.

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    Yes, using mickeys.

    Mickeys are individual movements of the mouse on the hardware level. The number of mickeys per pixel is configurable and this is one way that mouse acceleration can be done by adjusting the number of mickeys to make the cursor move faster.

    Your best bet would be to search google or msdn for mickeys, but keep in mind that searching for 'mickey mouse' is going to get lots of interference from a particular fictional rodent (mickeys were, of course, named after that rodent).


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