Thread: making a program leave a msg for background program when it closes

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    making a program leave a msg for background program when it closes

    I'm very new to programming and i'm probably in the wrong forum. I'm doing a project for uni where i want unreal tournament to leave a msg when it exits so that another program ' adobe director' can see that its finished and then load something else. I thought about finding a way for the program to leave some sort of word file in a directory.
    I don't know who to ask so i thought i'd start here!

    I'm pretty lost so i'd be really grateful for any help!

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    had an idea. Is there some kind of log in windows that would give reference to unreal tournament closing? Does it change the registry?

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    If the apps had both been written by you I would suggest a MS Message Queue (MSMQ) or registering a broadcast message (HWND_BROADCAST) depending on the requirements (reliability, amount of data ect).

    Or create a file and have the second app monitor the folder for changes (there are WIN32 API functions for this purpose)

    But with a third party game.....
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