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    Question DevC++ EXE's

    Hi everyone!

    I'm am new to these forums and cout<<"A COMPLETE NEWBiE iN C++ AND PROGRAMMiNG!\n";
    Funny, ain't I? (NOT!)

    I'm using the latest DevC++ package and I'm trying to follow the tutorials on this site.
    I am currently at Lesson 1, and have written the first program.
    It compiles and runs, so far so good, but I wonder why the compiled EXE becomes 464 KB in size?
    It seems that DevC++ adds alot of additional code to it...

    Does anyone have an explanation to this?

    P.S. I have not RTFM of DevC++...

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    It sounds like your compiling a debug build.

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    Thx for the replies Quantum1024 and Dante Shamest!

    I haven't fiddled with any settings in DevC++, so I don't think I'm compiling a debug build, unless it's a feature that's on by default.

    Do you have any suggestions to another way I can write/compile the program, so that it becomes smaller?

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    While you actually have a project open go to:

    Project->Project Options

    In that window go to the Compiler Tab and click on "Linker"

    In the window next to it make sure "Generate Debugging Information" is No, and "Strip Executable" is Yes.

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